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Heart of Gold

TÂCHES & Jackson englund - heart of gold


RELEASe date: 14 APRIL 2020

I present to you a song that means a great deal to me; Heart of Gold.

A year ago I met with my dear friends Jackson and Lyell to 'write something'. This track was started 25bpm slower and was originally meant to be an R&B song. Lyell is an absolute wizard when it comes to tickling the ebony and ivories and he crafted the stunning key backbone for this track in just a couple of passes. The magical piano section at the end was just one take - needless to say my jaw spent most of the day on the floor. When I got home and opened the stems, I decided for some reason to speed it up and change the groove into something a little housier which ended up laying the groundwork for the song you now hear.


I can't tell you how much I love what Jackson and Lyell did on this one. I'm ALWAYS honoured to work with these two wonderful humans. I hope this song finds you well and hopeful for a brighter future

EST. 2017

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