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The River



RELEASe date: 8 MARCH 2019

Glitter Cowboy welcomes Altriparty & Hypsidia to the label with their eccentric and exploratory EP 'The River'.


Mama sets a stunning mood with temple gongs and finger cymbals permeating a thick moving mass of blues infused jazz flutes. Infectiously groovy, masterfully crafted, it’s honest creativity in the form of dance music that feels as live as if it were being performed right in front of you.


Ego is characterised by their unique vocal sound and tender, melancholic soundscapes. It’s a slow burning, silky pop track sent back in time from the near distant future. It’s music to ponder, if only for the briefest of seconds, what could have been.


To round it off, TÂCHES chooses to present his remix of Mama with a sun drenched urgency and a soft, bouncy low-end that make up an understatedly nostalgic rework for a faster dance floor.

EST. 2017

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