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Lessons in Loss



RELEASe date: 20 SEPTEMBER 2018

Since I lost my father in June, life is very different these days. Not necessarily on the outside, but it's certainly a whole new world on the inside looking out. I chose to dedicate the first half of this new EP to him, as a tribute to his wonderful and missed spirit.


How Could I Forget You very much captures his love for diverse cultures and innate adventurousness. It’s dreamy and trance inducing on a bed of warm percussive chug.


Fallen Bird is magical and bizarre - at times almost unsettling, feeling as if it were dug up on cassette at a car boot sale somewhere.

I've also included two older songs for official release; Dear Ishiv which was also written in tribute of the loss of dear friend and supporter from the beginning, Ishiv Chopla.

Finding Strength was written at a dark period in my life as a sort of creative cry of help to my own heart.

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