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Sacred Heart



RELEASe date: 24 JANUARY 2020

Sacred heart continues my exploration of romance through rhythm and harmony. I’ve loved working with live musicians on this EP to create something beyond what I’m capable of as a single musician. As time has marched on, I’ve felt an increased desire to create more uplifting and positive music than in the past. Darkness has faded to let through a lighter and more innocent sound. This will be the first of much beautiful music to be released throughout the coming year. 


Show Me is a wild fusion of diverse world influences combined with a vocal of modern pop sensibility. This one oozes youthful passion and memories of adolescence.


Sensitive Lover is jazzy and tribal, featuring Lonely Boy on the mic with some sweet musings on what it means to be sensitive in a modern world.


In My Soul evokes the memories of a place you’ve since forgotten as it grooves along under jazzy tickles and shuffly drums.


Ode To Saturn is a song wrote in tribute to Saturn after seeing it up a close with a telescope after a magical night drinking beers in the forest with old friends.

EST. 2017

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