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On an island far away, a group of close friends gather at sunset. Meanwhile, thousands of miles away, a couple sit in embrace as they watch snow fall outside the window. In this very moment, countless instances of love and connection worldwide are being amplified by KAASIs delicate sounds. 


KAASI enjoys a simple life among the rugged mountains of Mallorca. He tinkers with his motorbikes and takes his dogs for long walks through the forest before dinner. Touring the worlds clubs and festival circuits have never been of interest to him, nor have the traditional methods of building a career in music. This is a man that has chosen at every step of the way to forge his own path. Each piece of music he creates is a testament to doing things your own way with love, care and time.


There’s notes of innocence in his music that betray its genius. It feels natural and organic and is rich with characterful texture. A firm believer in the concept of ‘less is more’, there’s a certain je ne sais quoi that he manages to capture through sound. He has the unique ability to transcend geography and demographics, and unite people of all ages and backgrounds. KAASI is the unassuming soundtrack provider to an infinite number of moments of joy and wonder; the invisible conductor to the symphony of your existence.


The sun sets as it rises elsewhere.

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EST. 2017

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