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RELEASe date: 18 may 2018

When You Leave Me is an ode to teen romance, aiming to represent the intense feelings of melancholy that go hand in hand with the heartbreaking beauty of a youth in love. It’s sweet and juvenile, contrasting a tender soundscape of washed out guitars and vocals with a fun, rolling baseline fit for a high energy daytime dance party. 


Lovers Reunion finds it’s essence in the Hindustani classical raga ‘Bagreshi’, which is typically performed in the late night and is meant to depict the emotion of a woman waiting for reunion with her lover. Whispers of sitar drift dreamily around a deep pulsing low end, culminating in the perfect peak time track to dance to with eyes closed as you lose yourself in a trance. 


Chasing Affection symbolises an unapologetic cry for love. Booming drums take centre stage until frequent collaborator Carmen Vandenberg steals our hearts with a haunting guitar led lament. It’s a simple track, but nevertheless effective in conveying an emotion that we’ve all felt countless times before.

EST. 2017

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